Remember his name, Edoardo Bassi

Edoardo Bassi, from Italy is a hardworking MiM student currently pursuing his specialization in International Business and has been recently accepted to the Ab InBev Graduate Program. We had the chance to borrow him for a Sunday morning shooting at Plaza de Castilla and hear some of his insights in the fashion world.


Hey Edo. Let’s start with the typical question all teachers asked us when we started a course. Why IE?

Basically, because about a year ago I decided to do a Master in Management, before I didn’t want to. I actually already had studied in Spain in 2015 for a month for Spanish because of secondary school.

I thought IE was a good idea because of the prestige of the university and because I love Madrid, and I really like Spain in general. It was the best university that accepted me overall, so I took it.

How would you define your style?

I like to mix a couple of things which are different. I always like to mix something that is classic and put it with something that is not classic, something that defines you most. So, I would say something more or less eclectic mixing styles.

Would you like to dedicate yourself sooner or later in the fashion world or is it just a hobby?

I think so. It’s been a hobby until now but during my career I would either like to open something as an investment during my spare time or work for a company like Ferragamo or LVMH, but later on. Now I have in mind many other stuff.


Do you have or follow any blogs?

Yeah, I follow a lot of blogs but mostly through Tumblr. I have a profile which involves photography, fashion… Instagram is kind of a blog for me but mostly I put my stuff into Tumblr. [Take a look at Edo’s Tumblr profile!]

What inspires you? Do you get inspired by someone?

For formal fashion, I get inspired by mostly what people is wearing at Pitti Uomo and classic English style mixed with Italian craftsmanship. Also, a bit of Japanese style which is something really disruptive in the market. But then for casual and every day style I follow a lot Highsnobiety which is a page about male fashion.

People that I really follow for fashion is A$ap Rocky for the style but also people that use Acme Studios which is my favorite brand. Couple of actors like Ryan Gosling, I really like his style. For casual look, I really think he’s one of the best.

Any tips for people which aren’t really into fashion but would like to dress well?

First of all, don’t be afraid to ask to people from whom you like their style. If you ask me where do I get my clothes, I won’t get jealous or think you stole my style but it actually makes you feel good because you like what I wear. I wear things that I like because in general it makes me feel better.


When did you realize you liked fashion?

I think I always like fashion but really started getting into it when I became a sneaker head.

Sneaker head?

I started to be addicted to sneakers, I had like a collection of 40 pairs of New Balance and so I got into the blogs that were actually about sneaker heads. And then it was all about fashion. Everything was in the same places so I got a lot of information about different things. So maybe, it started around 5 – 6 years ago since I’ve been collecting sneakers. Now it’s becoming smaller because I don’t have the time for that.

Do you rather shop online or offline?

I do offline and when I can’t find something that I already know I go online. Almost always online for shoes. It’s one of the things I trust to take. When it comes to jackets or jeans, I’m so tall and you never find what you want so you have to go to and modify it with a craftsmanship. I always take things offline. I like also to travel between shops and discover things. Online for me is a bit boring. I just do it because I have to do it in order to find something.

So, will we never find you just scrolling the web?

No, no. I always get information online, I watch a lot of blogs. By Highsnobiety you can get to a website they cure called whatdropsnow which is the collection of the coolest stuff that is getting in the market daily. For example, there, I always watch to see what’s new in the market then get ideas of what’s the trend and what are the brands that are influencing the most.

What do think is going to be this season’s trend?

I think that denim is getting back a lot. But in general, for this summer I think it would be white, green and tones of blue, which is on every summer. Other trends I think probably tracker and leather jackets. Simple shoes. More about quality.


Will we ever find you in a vintage or second hand shop?

I actually really like the concept, whenever I see one I get in but I never find myself buying anything. I get really amazed by the concept but I don’t see myself wearing something that has been worn before. I would buy mostly jackets.

Watch. Audemars Piguet. The watch is made of steel, it’s called Royal Oak. It’s the most famous piece they produce. Its self winded and is the biggest model they produce of 41 mm. Swiss brand.

JacketAcne studios, specialized in denim and minimal clothing. Swedish brand

Pants. Mitchumm Industries, small brand based in Como – North of Italy.

T-shirt. Maison labiche. Bought in a Madrid shop.

Glasses. Komono. Bought in Madrid, available all over the world

Sneakers. Common Projects. Mix between Italian and Japonese stylists. Simplicity.

Special thanks to Javier de la Iglesia, photographer, flatmate, and friend.


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