Top Coffee Spots near IE

Roundup of coffee spots around IE

Strong, rich, fragrant. One of the most common images of a MIM student going for a 9am class, is that of a sleepy eyed person carrying a large cup of coffee. Since coffee seems to be the quintessential beverage of the students,  we wanted to try the coffee around IE and gather your feedback. But before we evaluate our nearby coffee spots, let’s educate you on one of the world’s favourite beverages.


  1. Finland tops the charts at being the country with the largest coffee consumed per capita.
  2. It’s best not to drink coffee immediately after waking up. In fact, drink it after a few hours upon being awake. Your body releases cortisol when you first awake and this produces a natural burst of energy within you. So drinking coffee at the same time is redundant and may even make your body immune to it.
  3. Moderate amounts of caffeine has been shown to reduce post gym muscle pain – amongst irregular coffee drinkers.
  4. Coffee was discovered by a goat herder in Ethiopia after he noticed the strange behaviour of goats that had consumed berries from nearby Coffea Arabica tree.
  5. Europeans originally referred to coffee as Arabian Wine. The word coffee originates from “qahhwah al-bun” which translates to “wine of the bean”.

Roundup of coffee spots around IE

We rounded up a handful of individuals from the MIM – self-professed coffee lovers who gave us their honest feedback about the coffee from these places. We summarised the survey results to bring you the verdict. Let’s see if YOU agree?


Do Eat

Price: 1.30 for a cafe con leche

Taste: 4 out of 5


  • “Accept credit cards for just one coffee”
  • “Acceptably fast” ,
  • “Nearest to IE”,
  • “Service really bad and slow”
  • “They complain if you tell them to finally give you hot coffee”
    • Editor’s note: MIM allies take real student feedback very seriously. At the outrage of a passionate coffee drinker, we edited to include this specific comment.



Price: 1.30 for a cafe con leche

Taste: 4 out of 5


  • “Fast, near MM4”
  • “I go here when Do eat is crowded”


Price: 1.30 for a cafe con leche

Taste: 2 out of 5


  • “Service is ok but coffee tastes bad”
  • “Not good with dealing with rush”
  • “Cheap”
  • “Bad coffee, big queue”



Price: “Always get coffee with a breakfast deal”

Taste: 4 out of 5


  • “Service is super slow most of the time”
  • “I only go if I have at least 30 minutes cause I know it’s gonna take ages. However I like the coffee and food”


The Little Big Cafe

Price: approximately 2 euros for cafe con leche

Taste: 4 out of 5


  • “Cosy and nice but a bit far from MM4”
  • “Pretty good coffee and the service is generally quite good”
  • “If you don’t specifically ask for leche muy caliente, they give lukewarm milk”


Vending Machine at MM4

Price: 0.75 for cafe con leche xl

Taste: 2.25 out of 5


  • “For a machine, it’s not too bad”
  • “Bad coffee but it’s cheap”
  • “The machine is slow though so it is not convenient when there are a lot of people”
  • “It is ok for its price”

Our suggestion for best coffee near IE? We are no coffee aficionados but we have a coffee suggestion for you! Lots Coffee House has been touted as one of the better coffee places in Madrid by TripAdvisor and coffee blogs. Lots Coffee House is at Calle General Ora 40 and their cafe con leche costs 2 euros. Don’t worry, this post is not sponsored. I have tried the coffee, along with some other MIM kids, and we all agree that the coffee is pretty special. Though it is a little far, do consider going for a stroll and treating yo self to some fine cafe con leche.

As business students we know that surveys can be biased because consumers may not honestly articulate their preferences. Therefore, to make things a little bit more interesting, we have a more objective way of assessing coffee standards around IE. Stay tuned for our exciting update on this!

Till then,

MIM Allies


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