Carlos, Spanish Fashion at It’s Finest

Carlos López Díaz-Benito is a 25-year-old industrial design engineer currently pursuing the MiM program with specialization in Marketing & Sales. You’ll never find him undressed for the occassion. Let’s take a look of what Carlos has to say about himself and his place in the fashion world.


Hi Carlos! Could you briefly describe yourself?

I think I’m a very energetic person. I don’t like to get bored so I like doing different things like living in different countries and, having different jobs. I’ve been a PR because I like meeting and connecting with new people and like to promote things. Obviously, I also get some benefits from it. I think it’s something I’m good at so I’ve done it several times.

Do you think your image helps you being a PR?

I think of course. Your image is what you project to others and this is fundamental. Although people say that the first image it’s not important, and of course it doesn’t show you how a person is, but it projects to the other more or less how you are and influences others for sure.


Why did you choose IE?

I started my studies in engineering and worked in different areas such as in sales or foreign trade. I’ve worked in engineering in Madrid and I’ve been a cabin crew in Dubai. I wanted to do a change in my career.

I didn’t want to be a cabin crew for my whole life but thought it was a nice experience, something you have to do when you are young. It was a great opportunity to travel although it wasn’t the job of my life.

I wanted to come back to Madrid so I searched for the best business school and asked friends that had studied at IE before, and thought it was the best option.

Would you like to dedicate yourself to the fashion industry?

Yes, I would love to. Its my passion, it’s what I like the most. I think I have talent for it because I get feedback from other people and that I would perfectly fit in the fashion world. I know it’s not easy buy being a Spaniard where the Spanish market was growing and probably is now in a mature state.


Where would you like to start your career as a fashion manager?

There’s a very nice program from Inditex where you start as a project manager and I would like to work in the fashion world but not in a department such as finance or analyzing data. I like the procurement part of the business, being in contact with the product or even in the sales. Somewhere being in contact with the product but I think that something involved in buying the materials would be the best for me.

Previously, you’ve told me a bit of your tailormade experience. Would you like to tell us a little about it?

Depending on where you are going you have to dress differently, that’s for sure. You cannot go with a suit if you’re going to the park. You have to fit the location. I really like the tailormade clothing’s, so when I was living in Dubai I would design certain outfits, pick the cloths and take to an Indian tailor which are really good. So, I’ve done shirts, suits…

Do you get inspired by someone or some movement?

No, not really. Who influenced me is my father and also my aunt. Both of them are very fashion oriented but classical. So, I think I have a classical style.

Would you say you follow more of a Spanish trend or fashion?

Yes, I think so. Like Spanish or maybe somehow Italian dandy. When I want to dress formal I may dress like in a British style. These are the kind of outfits I like the most but I also have my personal touch.

Do you prefer shopping online or offline?

I think I’ve never shopped online. But by what I’ve been reading, in Europe it’s increasing the number of people who are searching online about things that they want to buy but then they actually buy clothing offline. However, in Asia there’s an online shopping trend. In Europe and mostly in Spain because the weather helps, our nature and because we like to enjoy the outdoors. The city center is smaller, not like in the US, so it’s easier to walk around and enjoy the terraces. I enjoy buying offline because I can try whatever I want to buy.

So, you think that shopping online is a dead-end and just a source for information? Or do you think there’s a future for the online sales?

For me it is. It’s not the future, but the present. But what I’m saying is that the clothes, more than shoes or ties, when you have to see how it fits you, you have to shop offline and check.


I’ve actually heard a few people saying that shopping centers are doomed because of online sales. Do you agree? Until what extent do you think it affects these shops and the traditional business?

In my opinion no. Due to the online trend the retail will be affected for sure. Maybe more in other countries rather than in the Mediterranean, South European countries. For example, where the distances are higher or they are more into the digital world. But anyway I still see a lot of people going on the weekend to the malls, where the parking are full because it’s a whole experience where you can find Carrefour, Ikea, cinemas, restaurants… I’ve seen that it is a plan for the weekend. Something you cannot get from the online experience.

 What do you think is going to be trendy?

Oversize clothing, bombers, leather jackets… also I’ve seen the jacket are now being sewed with the French sleeve or ¾ sleeve. Another thing I’ve seen are little pearls or jewelry incrusted in jeans for women, and the fringes.

If you had to recommend to an IE student about fashion what you tell them?

My recommendation is that of course I’m here to help whoever. One of the things that I would like to do most in life is being a personal shopper, although it’s not the most profitable career. I watched an interview about Carolina Herrera and she says that there’s something innate about it but your eye can be educated, and I totally agree. So, inspiring yourself in people that you like or reading about it can help you dress better. And of course, if you don’t know, you should go for the safe rather than risky.


Would you be willing to do a makeover to someone?

For sure, I would love to. Sometimes when I see a girl or a guy, I’m not gay, but I see that they are beautiful and could have a better haircut or wear certain style, I try to think how I could change on them. So, of course I would do it.

Do you follow any blogs or influencers?

I don’t have one but I thought of doing one. Having the master and it takes a lot of time and too much effort. Besides, you have to be super good and different in order to succeed. So I prefer to follow instragram influencer or blogs like Danilo Carnevale, Nick Bateman or Mariano di Vaio. And for girls Dulceida. I also think that instragram is a very nice tool to follow these kind of people in order to know what you can dress if you’re not a fashion oriented person and you want to dress better.

Where do you usually buy?

Depending on what I’m looking for I go to different stores. If it’s something more basic I tend to go to shops like H&M, Zara or H.E. Mango. I like Massimo Dutti as well, Silvon, Soloio… which is a Spanish brand that’s only in Madrid. They’re super nice and stylish brands and they went into a young niche for fashion oriented people. And of course, if I want something special I love Loewe or Carolina Herrera.

Is there any fun fact you would like to share with the MiM Allies followers?

As a fun fact I would say that when I was around 15 I started cutting my friends hair. After that, I started cutting my own hair and also my father and other friends. And nowadays I still cut my own hair even my father and some friends.

 Special thanks to Javier de la Iglesiacheck out more of his work at 500px 

Shirt. Tailormade

Jacket. Azzaro

Shoes. Massimo Dutti

Pants. Leonardo Sabattini

Tie. Soloio

Cuff links. Loewe

Belt. Carolina Herrera


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