Each individual at IE comes from a different place and they bring with them a host of different perspectives, insights and opinions. It is this diversity that enhances the entire IE MIM experience for everyone and in turn, provides each individual with a very unique IE MIM experience for themselves. We are happy to have the calm, friendly and sweet Shreya who is from New Delhi, India and raised in Lagos, Nigeria,  share with us her hopes, dreams and her favourite place in Madrid and of course, her favourite Indian food spot in Madrid (which is unfortunately not open to public).


Shreya at Bastille’s concert here in Madrid

What has been the biggest lesson that IE has taught you?

I like to dream simple dreams and IE taught me that it’s through action that we really find out who we are. We have a lot of opportunities and options – it’s rather intimidating, but it’s also the most freeing part of our lives. All it takes is to be brave.

Best thing about IE that most people overlook?

Probably acknowledged by few and overlooked by many is how very easy it is to approach the professors and the administration about anything. They’re very welcoming of our ideas, criticisms, and suggestions.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about Indian students and why? 

I probably sound awfully spoiled but the most appalling misconception is that we speak “Indian”. Needless to say, Indian is not a language. Another one is that we are all adept at mathematics and the likes, such as financial accounting.

What has been your favorite subject in IE so far? 

I’m afraid I am very bad at such questions. Because it means I have to go through the entire learnings and try to pick something and I cannot possibly do that. I would say that I found the course of Technology and Innovation Management quite intriguing and apt for the times we live in.

If you could add one subject to the IE MIM, what would it be and why?

Behavioral Economics. It improves upon the psychological assumptions underlying economic theories, and shapes the process of decision making by economic actors. Indeed, it would be quite an asset in unification with the traditional management courses.

What plans do you have after the IE?

Professionally I wish to work as a strategy consultant, gain experience, and work for my start up. Emotionally, I want to do my parents proud. They are my biggest source of joy and inspiration. I love and admire them very deeply. I am far from the most talented but I’m quite happy being me and I have my sense of curiosity to help me grow.

 If you could describe your IE experience in 3 words, what would they be?

Astonishing, inspiring, amusing

 How has living in Madrid been for you? (Different or similar to what you had expected?)

It’s been pleasant. I didn’t have any pre-conceived notions of what it would be like. I’ve been very lucky to have made incredible friends here. There is so much to be gained from adulthood. I like to be responsible for my own self and I’ve learned a lot with regards to that in Madrid. This city has so much to offer, especially in terms of food and books, two very important things for me.

Favorite place in Madrid so far?

I’m not always happy, but I’ve never had a sad moment in Ocho Y Medio. It’s a bookstore with a brilliant collection of cinematic merchandise and it is my favorite place in Madrid so far, it’s equal parts charming and rugged.

Best Indian food in Madrid 

One cooked by my dear friend and flatmate, Tanvi, of course.



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