Otti and Bianca Show us their Day vs Night Looks!

Today we’re interviewing two cheerful Italian friends, Bianca Cravero and Ottavia Poggi, both with an innate sense of fashion in their night and day attires!

Ottavia Poggi, Otti for friends, is a half-British half- Italian 23-year-old currently studying Digital Business (hey! Just like us, MiM Allies!). Otti has a special interest in fashion and is definitely going places as she’s brilliant and one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet!

Bianca Cravero is a 22-year-old Italian currently pursuing the Sales and Marketing specialization of the MiM Program. She’s a joyful person with a beautiful warm smile who follows the motto “Work hard, play hard“.

fotos chicas

Ottavia Poggi & Bianca Cravero 

Hi girls! Let’s start with usual… Why did you choose IE?

Otti: I wanted to come to Madrid, to a good uni, and I knew there was going to be a lot of people from around the world.

Bianca: … didn’t have the GMAT


Otti: Well, yeah, maybe it was one of the reasons… I don’t know, I wanted to come to Madrid.

Bianca: Yeah, sort of the same. I wanted to do my Masters. In my University at Bucconi everything is just about studying and I felt IE would be more practical. And… I love Madrid!

If you had to choose three things from your wardrobe what would you choose and why? What are your “must haves”?

Bianca: One pair of jeans that I always wear which are ripped on the knees, a pair of black pants with yellow flowers, and a white t-shirt.

Otti: I would choose jeans Levis, docs (Dr Martens), and like a willy jumper. A big warm winter jumper.

Do you girls have a blog or follow any blogs?

Bianca: I don’t have a blog but I do follow many fashion bloggers.

Otti: Yeah, me too…

Bianca: Like Chiara Ferragni or Ana Moya Calzado.

Otti: The Business of Fashion, which is a fashion blog, and, maybe I don’t follow individual influencers but more like Vogue and a few models.

When you go shopping, do you go with something in mind or is it more like a looking around through shops?

Otti: I like looking around because every time I have something in mind I can’t find it.

Bianca: For me, it depends what I’m looking for. But, usually when I look for formal clothes I find casual and the other way around.

Otti: Exactly, and in the end, you find completely different things.


So, if you had to give a tip to an IE student who isn’t really into fashion but wants to dress well, what would you recommend?

Otti: I would just say to have fun with it and wear whatever you want. I have days where I might have to go to the same place and I just wear on a white t-shirt and jeans and look like $%*^ and one day maybe I’ll dress up loads just because I feel like doing it that day.

Bianca: Yeah, for me the main thing when I get dressed is trying not to be dressed in black.

Otti: Really? I love black. [laughs]

Bianca: All the time, when we’re in winter I have the impression people only wear black. And, of course, there are some days where I wear all black too. But usually I try to use clothes with color.

Otti: Yeah, it’s true. You wear loads of colors.


I really liked the day you were doing a presentation for the tech course and you came dressed in high waist jeans and black sweater – inspired by Steve Jobs. Like a real tech girl.

Which are your favorite places to buy clothes?

Otti: I buy most of my clothes in two shops in my hometown, and they’re both independent. One is Paper where they have their own brand. The other is a shop which is like a boutique but has loads of looks from different brands. It has misintropia and American Vintage, and a lot of Italian brands where they pick the best from each. That, and of course, brand shops where they have everything.

Bianca: To be honest, Zara. I buy most of the things that I have in Zara, but maybe if I go shopping with my mom I go to boutiques. By myself, I go straight to Zara.

Otti: Me too, here I go to Zara.


Do you see yourselves buying more often offline or online?

Bianca: Offline, definitely.

Otti: For me now, offline. But, back when I was in England I used to buy loads of stuff online.

And in which shops do you buy online?

Otti: Urban Outfitters.

Bianca: Zara. I’m a Zara Addict.

What do you think are the things that are going to mark the season?

Bianca: Hmmm… Fringes.

Otti: I think mom jeans and wide clothing. I don’t know… stuff is always coming out again.

Is fashion a hobby for you girls or are you eventually hoping to work in the fashion industry?

Otti: I want to work in fashion.

Bianca: I would love to work in fashion but it’s not my main objective. I like it but I don’t live for it.

Do you girls follow any beauty routine?

Bianca: I actually do. Every night I put on “oil of ricino” (castor oil) on my eyelashes. It’s an oil that makes your eyelashes grow really fast in like 5 months, its incredible. It’s perfect for your hair as well.


How would you define your style?

Otti and Bianca: Hmmm…

Well, maybe I could tell you the reasons I chose you to be part of the blog. And maybe you girls can see why. For me, Otti dresses up in a very English fashion. It might be the Dr. Martens.

Otti: Oh yeah, definitely.

Also, I think there’s like a grungy look to it. And that’s why I thought you were perfect for the blog because I really like your style. It’s totally different and I thought you fit perfectly.

And Bianca, I always wonder if you just grab anything from your wardrobe and it’s because you have really nice clothes that you always look great. You’re always perfectly dressed and I thought “ok, these are my girls”.

Otti and Bianca: Oh…

Bianca: Well, if I had to define my style I would say that it’s very simple. Because in the end, it really is but at the same time it’s quite classical.

Otti: You’re actually really versatile. You wear a lot of different things, no?


Bianca, I asked you to wear something you would go out at night with. What do you wear when you’re planning a night out?

Bianca: First thing, I have to like myself. I want to feel sexy for myself, and of course, with others. But first of all, it’s for me. Something that is classy but at the same time party mode. A mix of styles, but more or less like this.

Is there anything you miss from back home? Either because you forgot or maybe because you can’t use it here?

Bianca: Maybe bags. I love bags and I have just a few of them for going out.

Otti, as you know, I choose you for the casual – day look. Again, do you miss anything?

Otti: I miss my jackets. I love jackets and have loads of them back home and that I would love to have here. And other than that, not really. I don’t have really a day versus night outfit, I often just wear the same things. I don’t think really if it’s a night or day look. Maybe I’ll put a different jacket or something. I like being comfortable, I want to like how I look but if I don’t feel it’s me then I wouldn’t wear it.

And, last question, is there any shop you would like to recommend to our MiM Allies followers?

Bianca: in Madrid, I love Parfois.

Otti: I love, love misentropia. And also, I can’t recall the name right now but it’s a shop in Malasaña that has amazing stuff. It’s an independent shop and literally one of the best shops in Madrid. [After some research, the name of the shop is ]. Also, another one called LeCircus.


Skirt Zara summer 2015
Top Zara summer 2015
Shoes Bershka 2016
Earrings HM
Watch Rolex

Shoes Dr. Martens Classic
Skirt Paper Wardrobe (Verona)
Blouse Zara new 2017
Jacket Monki
Watch Armani
Earrings Unknown vintage shop London

Fotographs: Javier de la Iglesia


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