Fashion Through Camila’s Eyes

Camila Rios Salonia is a half – Spanish half- Argenitinian MIM student currently studying her Marketing & Sales specialization. Today, Cami will show us her view on fashion, tell us about her experience in this industry, and give us some insights about what fashion is all about.


What did you do in your last job?

In my last job, I had to sell advertisement. I took the job as soon as I graduated, I was sent to the Philippines and had to meet and see level executives, ministers and I actually had the chance to meet the president of the Philippines at the time. But the whole purpose was to sell advertisement for the news and magazine which actually gave a lot of insight in the marketing and sales world and that’s why I’ve decided to learn now more and really specialize on it to become better in the future and do something related to what I love.

What did you study in your undergrad?

In my undergrad, I studied international business in the US. I was there for 4 years.

Do you want to work in the fashion industry?

Yes, it’s definitely something I would like to incorporate in my work life because I had a lot of influence from my family as they owned a fashion business and was able to participate in it and able to see the dynamics of working for a fashion company which I loved. So, hopefully I will be able to put my past experience in a future job.

Is it in Spain?

Yes, actually it closed down this year but it was a Spanish brand where everything was manufactured here. The name was Viriato. It wasn’t made for young people but you could still see how the whole industry works.


What do you consider the most important aspects or features from the fashion industry?

What I really like about the fashion industry is that you can really decide who you want to be and show it in the way you dress. I think fashion allows you to show you different aspects about yourself. For example, I don’t consider I have specific style because I think change through the year and every day. So, I think I can showcase that in the way that I dress which I believe is a form of art and expression. So, I really that I love

What about industry? Do you believe it’s really different from other industry as, for example, consumer goods?

Well I think that its very similar in the way that marketing plays a huge role. But I think that when you chose clothes it more related to your personality rather than when you buy a product that maybe you don’t show everyone. You have an influence on how you are perceived. If I decide to go to a restaurant rather to another one, that isn’t going to have really an impact on how you’re seen as a person, I think it’s more personal in a way and how it relates to consumers.

What do you think are the current and future trends in fashion?

Currently I think there’s a lot of sporty wear and to become a healthier person. Nowadays now you just want to dress with one outfit that doesn’t have to be changed in the whole entire day. So, you’re aloud to go with sneakers to work which maybe a couple of years an ago you would’ve never seen. So, I think that fashion definitely adapts to the different lifestyles that people follow. In the future, I think we are already seeing a huge trend of organic wearing because we know how clothing is having an impact in the environment and we want to reduce this impact. Hence, those kind of brands and trends of organic dressing is improving and will continue this way during the next years.

How do you think your education has prepared you to work in fashion?

As I explained I’ve studied international business which also taught me that there are different values and cultures where certain things are okay. So, for example I think it’s really important to know that something that is acceptable to wear in Spain isn’t in maybe in China or an Islamic country. So, you have to be careful. I think my international education has gave me experience in this aspect. We’ve also seen a lot of cases about fashion.

How do you handle stress?

Badly. I have lots of anxiety and I try to definitely work out to release positive endorphins. But I don’t do it as often as I like as we have a lot of workload. There’s a lot of individual assignments in the Marketing & Sales specialization but I try to make the best of it like going out or so. I love dancing, I’m a trained ballerina so sometimes I find myself dancing around my house a lot.


Do you think your ballet experience influenced you in fashion?

I think that being a ballerina you get a lot of aesthetics of how things are supposed to look. Maybe like if it’s a point in a shoe or angles. I love high heels. There’s nothing more uncomfortable that ballet point shoes, so after that I was down to wearing any type of high heel. So, I think it has influenced and prepare me to wear things that many people wouldn’t dare to.

What qualifies you on a career of fashion over others?

I don’t know, I think everyone should have an opportunity but I think that the international culture I have been exposed to really helps me in understanding how fashion works differently everywhere. It can help me define different strategies when trying to enter a market. But, honestly fashion is a very rapid changing market so I like to keep up to date all the time and I’m constantly looking for new trends. I think people are not as interested as I am in it compared to others or just my industry and enthusiasm towards the fashion industry has prepared me. Besides of my family’s business in fashion which has prepared me for this world.

Do you consider yourself a people person?

Yeah, I need social gatherings constantly. I go crazy when I’m alone for a long time. I enjoy just even have conversations randomly with people I don’t know just because I think that I get to know different things that I wouldn’t otherwise from just reading articles. I’m glad that at IE has so many international people because you get to know different perspectives and understand how life works differently everywhere.

How to you handle conflict between people?

 I try to be as open as I can and be very vocal since the beginning because I think that when you let things build up there comes a point where you just explode and you say things that you could’ve done differently if you were clear from the beginning. So, I think that one of my main strategies in life is to always talk in a nice way when something bothers me and make the other person be empathetic and get into my shoes so they understand why I feel this way so that in the future it doesn’t happen again.


What’s one fashion item, clothing, or trend you think is underrated but you think it should be more popular?

Well, I think that there’s a lot of black in the market nowadays and everyone loves it. I just wish that for nighttime it would be ok to wear more colors. I love colors and think it’s a really good way to express yourself and sometimes when you are looking for dresses to go out its mainly black. So, the little black dress so be introduced also as the little white dress or the little pink dress. So more colorful.

Where would you like you career to ultimately lead you?

I really would love to work for a fashion magazine in the future because there’s a lot of people who don’t really have time to know what are the trends and what are not. So, I would really like to work ina magazine and just help people feel more comfortable and get people informed about the trends without really doing much research about it. As I said, it’s a way of expression and would be nice to show people things that are trendy or maybe they would like to follow.


What made you decide to pursue your career in fashion?

I think that when I was little I love to play dress up. I loved being dressed as a singer or feeling like a princess, I think that’s the main motive of fashion for me. I can feel like a princess for a day or if I’m angry I feel I can express it through my clothing. That is what really lead me to enjoying fashion, you can express what you want and become who you want with just changing your outfit.

Define fashion.

Like I’ve said before it’s a way of expressing yourself through clothing. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong fashion, just a right kind of fashion for you and what makes you be you. I think fashion is just art in clothing and a way to express yourself.

Fotographs: Javier de la Iglesia. Check out 500px


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