So, What’s Trendy in Shanghai?

Hola MiM Allies followers!

Last week IE Business School gave its MiM students the great opportunity to visit 4 destinations: Shanghai, San Francisco, Ghana, and Washington. Some of our MiM Allies visited China and had the chance to see what’s going on on the other side of the world, get a quick insight of how businesses work in Shanghai and even visit Inditex’s offices!

Shanghai is a city that has become a financial, industrial, cultural and tourist giant, able to combine the modernity of impressive skyscrapers with colonial buildings and traditional houses.

Shanghai is a city of contrasts that is divided by the Huangpu River. To the one side, the Bund conserves some buildings of Gothic, Romanesque, Neoclassic, Baroque and Renaissance origin that constitute a legacy of the first commercial district of the city. On the opposite shore, the Pudong area offers a more modern view of the city thanks to the unmistakable skyline that forms one of the most representative images of the city.

Regarding fashion, brand clothing in general is more expensive than in Europe. Nanjing Road, which runs for approximately 3 miles, is considered to be the main commercial artery of Shanghai and the most transitory in the world. Developed at the beginning of the 20th century, this famous street gives new meaning to the word “shopping”, whether you are looking for antiques, whatever is fashionable or anything else that interests you.

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Shanghai’s weather in May is quite humid and warm, around 25ºC, so it’s frequent to see women dressed in fresh dresses, skirts or shorts. Something you will find quite often while strolling the trendiest streets of Shanghai are black skirts with a light midi tulle cover. And of course, the invasion of the white sneakers is also trendy in Shanghai.

We had the opportunity to visit Inditex’s offices, specifically Bershka. We had the chance to see and feel the fresh work atmosphere: open concept office with desks and round tables for discusions, design artists figuring out what to create, choosing between different cloths and how to wear them. If there’s something we have learned from that visit is that fashion is constantly on the move and every step you take is risky and exciting.


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