Which is the best specialisation? MIM Edition

  • International Business (IB),
  • Digital Business (DB),
  • Financial Management and control in Spanish (FMC)
1. What specialisation are you in? Why did you choose it? 
Sharvari from IBInternational Business. Since I am an engineer with no management background, it made more sense for me to choose IB which is more of general management.
Miguel from FMC: Financial Management and Control.Didn’t choose IB, since I already had a BA background.Didn’t choose both Marketing specializations because I don’t like Marketing. Didn’t choose DB, since I didn’t like the subjects and contents in the Syllabuses of the previous years.Chose finance to deepen financial knowledge, get more business vocabulary in Spanish and because I didn’t like the rest of the specializations


2. What is the best thing about your specialisation?
Sharvari from IB:  Can I say nothing? Few of our professors really know their subject and that is the best thing of my specialization. 
Miguel from FMC: It extends your finance knowledge
3. If there is one thing you can say you’ve learnt from the specialisation, what would it be?
Sharvari from IB: I really enjoyed the Business Government & Society sessions. This course dealt with the non-market strategy of a company and was both interesting and unique. 
Miguel from FMC: More finance knowledge (Surprise!)
4. Any tips for juniors who are deciding on their specialisation?
Sharvari on IB:Every specialization has something good and something bad about it. Choose the one that aligns with your career goals.
Miguel from FMC: Talk with people who already went through the specializations. Not people who were requested by IE to present, but other alumni. Check the syllabuses IE provides from previous years. Still, there is no perfect specialization. Finance will by far be the specialization with the highest workload of all. Probably the highest workload in the whole Master’s.
5. What are some areas of improvement or suggestions to improve the syllabus/course structure of your specialisation?
Sharvari from IB: Few professors, the syllabus of few subjects
Miguel from FMC: Offer it in English. English is the world’s language and therefore people (also Spaniards) should learn stuff like this in Spanish. Or at least do some subjects in English and others in Spanish. Cut sessions from subjects like Auditing etc, that count 3 credits and give more relevant subjects more sessions. Professors should be better coordinated, that is, know what the people in the different sections have already done to not repeat it. Screw subjects like law etc. Workload is not comparable with other specializations’ workloads and + many other improvements
6. Your favourite subject in the specialisation? What have you learnt in this subject? 
Sharvari from IB:  Business Government & Society, Marketing Strategy for Decision Making, and maybe Management Control Systems
Miguel from FMC: Advanced Corporate Finance – lot of financial modelling, very good professor. Helped a lot understand Leverage restructuring, growth financing, LBOs, valuation, and financial modelling 

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