So, What’s Trendy in Shanghai?

Hola MiM Allies followers!

Last week IE Business School gave its MiM students the great opportunity to visit 4 destinations: Shanghai, San Francisco, Ghana, and Washington. Some of our MiM Allies visited China and had the chance to see what’s going on on the other side of the world, get a quick insight of how businesses work in Shanghai and even visit Inditex’s offices!

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Fashion Through Camila’s Eyes

Camila Rios Salonia is a half – Spanish half- Argenitinian MIM student currently studying her Marketing & Sales specialization. Today, Cami will show us her view on fashion, tell us about her experience in this industry, and give us some insights about what fashion is all about.


What did you do in your last job?

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Otti and Bianca Show us their Day vs Night Looks!

Today we’re interviewing two cheerful Italian friends, Bianca Cravero and Ottavia Poggi, both with an innate sense of fashion in their night and day attires!

Ottavia Poggi, Otti for friends, is a half-British half- Italian 23-year-old currently studying Digital Business (hey! Just like us, MiM Allies!). Otti has a special interest in fashion and is definitely going places as she’s brilliant and one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet!

Bianca Cravero is a 22-year-old Italian currently pursuing the Sales and Marketing specialization of the MiM Program. She’s a joyful person with a beautiful warm smile who follows the motto “Work hard, play hard“.

fotos chicas

Ottavia Poggi & Bianca Cravero 

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Carlos, Spanish Fashion at It’s Finest

Carlos López Díaz-Benito is a 25-year-old industrial design engineer currently pursuing the MiM program with specialization in Marketing & Sales. You’ll never find him undressed for the occassion. Let’s take a look of what Carlos has to say about himself and his place in the fashion world.


Hi Carlos! Could you briefly describe yourself?

I think I’m a very energetic person. I don’t like to get bored so I like doing different things like living in different countries and, having different jobs. I’ve been a PR because I like meeting and connecting with new people and like to promote things. Obviously, I also get some benefits from it. I think it’s something I’m good at so I’ve done it several times.

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Remember his name, Edoardo Bassi

Edoardo Bassi, from Italy is a hardworking MiM student currently pursuing his specialization in International Business and has been recently accepted to the Ab InBev Graduate Program. We had the chance to borrow him for a Sunday morning shooting at Plaza de Castilla and hear some of his insights in the fashion world.


Hey Edo. Let’s start with the typical question all teachers asked us when we started a course. Why IE?

Basically, because about a year ago I decided to do a Master in Management, before I didn’t want to. I actually already had studied in Spain in 2015 for a month for Spanish because of secondary school.

I thought IE was a good idea because of the prestige of the university and because I love Madrid, and I really like Spain in general. It was the best university that accepted me overall, so I took it.

How would you define your style?

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Fashion at IE Business School

If you know IE Business School at least a little, you’d know that it’s filled with students and teachers from all around de world. Behind these bright minds, we find creative and stylish people willing to share a bit of who they are.

In this section, you’ll find out what is trendy, what inspires our models and much more! So if you’re into fashion, watch out for the latest trends and tips from our MiM students.

For the time being, here’s a sneak peek from our last shootings: