Remember his name, Edoardo Bassi

Edoardo Bassi, from Italy is a hardworking MiM student currently pursuing his specialization in International Business and has been recently accepted to the Ab InBev Graduate Program. We had the chance to borrow him for a Sunday morning shooting at Plaza de Castilla and hear some of his insights in the fashion world.


Hey Edo. Let’s start with the typical question all teachers asked us when we started a course. Why IE?

Basically, because about a year ago I decided to do a Master in Management, before I didn’t want to. I actually already had studied in Spain in 2015 for a month for Spanish because of secondary school.

I thought IE was a good idea because of the prestige of the university and because I love Madrid, and I really like Spain in general. It was the best university that accepted me overall, so I took it.

How would you define your style?

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Fashion at IE Business School

If you know IE Business School at least a little, you’d know that it’s filled with students and teachers from all around de world. Behind these bright minds, we find creative and stylish people willing to share a bit of who they are.

In this section, you’ll find out what is trendy, what inspires our models and much more! So if you’re into fashion, watch out for the latest trends and tips from our MiM students.

For the time being, here’s a sneak peek from our last shootings:

Meeting entrepreneur Jerome

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.41.26 AM.png

Jerome Ibañez, from the Philippines is a confident young man at IE MIM with an entrepreneurial mindset. He shares his advice on making the most of his time here at IE, his startup and his experience in working with teams at IE amongst other things.

Hola Jerome. Let’s start off on a light note. Tell us 5 things about you that people will be surprised to know 

  1. A lot of people get surprised when I tell them that I was an actor. I did a lot of acting back in high school and before coming to IE, I acted in a Filipino short film called Overcast, which got into the 2016 Cannes Film Festival
  2. I’m not in male-model shape by any means whatsoever but I weighed around 210 pounds during my first two years whatsoever. All in all I lost around 40 pounds (It’s fluctuating because the food in Spain so damn good!)
  3. I actually started my first startup at age 19. It was a food delivery startup (a cash generating one and not just an idea) that used gamification to make ordering food more fun. Obviously it didn’t work out too well but it was an amazing learning experience. You really get to know yourself when you find your back against the wall.
  4. Apart from acting I was also in a band for four years. We were called “The Faithful Covenant”. No, we we’re not a Christian group. We actually considered ourselves “metal” even though we only played Paramore and Fall Out Boy covers. I was the vocalist, hahaha.
  5. I can’t ride a bicycle 😦

The most important/life-changing thing you have learnt in IE MIM so far

I wouldn’t say it’s life changing but the most important thing that I learned about being in the MiM program at IE is to not focus solely on your grades. I actually believe that the studying that we do is just one small part of the IE experience. Obviously, this depends on what your career goals are. If you’re looking into working at a top consulting firm then you should aim for the highest grade. But for the rest of us that aren’t sure what to do after graduation just yet, studying 24/7 is the worst thing that you can do.

And I’m not even talking about going to parties and having fun. That’s part of it, but there are so many more productive extra-curricular things that you could do not just to boost your CV but just to have fun in general. Madrid has a great business ecosystem and I’m glad that I got to explore a bit of it. For example, the Entrepreneurship Club (which I am the President of) co-organized a lot of events with organizations outside of IE, including Startup Grind and Founder’s Institute. Since I went to IE with Entrepreneurship in mind I took advantage of these events to meet people from the startup ecosystem. It was tough at first since i’m a foreigner but I knew that it was something that I had to do. You might think that these events are only useful on paper but these external events are a great place to really meet new people that could help you. In fact, I met one of our investors during an event we organized with Founder’s Institute.

But I’d also definitely start with events WITHIN IE before you go out. The Venture Lab is a great place to start. They have weekly pitch slams/events with free beer! Plus, if you have a good idea you can apply to be part of the school’s accelerator.We actually got in and we’re looking forward to refining what we have and meeting new people.

If there’s one subject/module that you wish IE taught (that doesn’t exist currently), what would it be and why?

I would really love to have a finance/legal class specifically for startups. We covered some interesting topics during Corporate Finance but they’re not really practical for startups.(I think the concepts/cases that we discussed are more geared towards consulting rather than entrepreneurship). Starting a company, especially a startup, is not just about the idea and executing it – there is a surprising amount of legal/financial work required for it to really happen.

We have heard that you are a passionate entrepreneur and you have a start-up. Congrats!  What is the biggest misconception about up and coming entrepreneurs?

The biggest misconception is that you always need to have an engineer in your team for you to raise money. Of course it will depend on a case-to-case basis but often times investors are looking for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)  that can be achieved even without writing a single line of code. It’s all about identifying what KPIs matter to your situation and hustling your way to getting them. In my startup’s case, we haven’t written a single line of code but we were able to secure key contracts and partnerships that prove our business model and having just that allowed us to get the support of angel investors and the interest of high profile VCs inside and outside of Spain.

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Jonathan (fondly known as Jake) from Belgium

Jake is an almost professional dabber, class participation extraordinaire and a chill, friendly soul who is a lot more smiley than he looks in this soulful photo. Today, we sit down with Jake to learn about his life at IE doing the MIM, and to get a perspective on his class engagement. Fun Facts: Jake dances, and draws!

Hola Jake, tell us about your plans after the mim?

My objective is to go into consulting, more specifically digital consulting where I feel like I can get a better understanding of how new technologies are shaping businesses today.

 How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Hard-working, passionate, creative, determined, interesting.

 Tell us a bit about your life in IE so far 

My life at IE has been a life-changing event for me. Over the past 7 months that I’ve spent in IE I have learned so much academically, but also about myself. The intense pressure that we are submitted to on a daily basis allowed me to discover and forge a strong character which I believe will be extremely useful in the future. Although it is not always easy, if I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. The most interesting part for me was to see my team working skills evolving over this time period. Indeed, before coming to IE, I always thought that I had extremely good team-working skills, However, it was only when mixed with people from different backgrounds, knowledge and skills that I realised my shortcomings and the necessity for me to learn from my mistakes and become a better team member.

 What has been your most favourite subject in the MIM and why?

 Although I have a lot of subjects in mind, I would say that “corporate finance” has been my favourite subject because it really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, push my limits and work on projects which I never thought that I would be able to achieve before.

 What is the secret to your class-participation superpowers?

 I am a very enthusiastic and passionate person so when I do something I want to do it to the fullest of my abilities. The most interesting part for me was to also see the evolution of my class participation as in the beginning, I thought class participation only meant speaking, but over time, I’ve learned that participation is all about enriching the class discussions and add value to the subject discussed. Furthermore, many people do not realise that teachers really appreciate when students engage and test their abilities and knowledge. So to me, I will always have time to spend time on Facebook or Instagram, but when I am in class, I am dedicated to engaging with the class content.

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Sitting with Simone

Hola! Let’s meet Simone, our cheery, friendly class representative of Digital Business 1. Simone is always ready for a quick chat and is great at powerpoint presentations (from what we’ve heard!). Today we are going to find out a little more about her through a highly exclusive interview 😉


Simone Konrad, from Köln, Germany

  • Hi Simone, what made you choose IE?

I have to admit that IE was not my first choice when I applied to Business Schools around Europe. My priorities back then were mainly in London, Germany, Switzerland and France. Madrid has never been a city I have seriously considered to live in until it came to the point of confirming or rejecting offers from universities. The main reason I have chosen IE over other business schools was my brother, who asked me: ‘Do you prefer entrepreneurial spirit or people that are super focused on the perfect career in banking, consultancy etc.? Do you prefer sunny or grey days? Do you prefer vino tinto on buzzing plazas or overpriced beer inside pubs? Do you prefer to study at a university ranked first or diversity?’ I could easily answer all of these questions within seconds.

  • Favourite thing about IE?

Group meetings on my terrace, that start in the afternoon and turn into fun nights with food and drinks.

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